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About Teezaar:

Teezaar (in case you are challenged, the name comes from Tshirt Bazaar) was started way way back in the 14th year of the 21st century by three insanely good looking, funny and overtly modest guys, who had one big problem with the world – Boring Clothes. They decided to solve this problem by designing and printing their own t-shirts with color, humor, sarcasm and attitude, bringing a new meaning to their lives and the entire human race. Remember, one tee for man, a giant tee for mankind.

Based in Dubai, Teezaar has now become the one-stop-online-shop for everyone in the UAE who want to break free from medieval clothing and want to wear their own expression. Teezaar has tons of tshirts with cool, freaky, funny messages – just pick your style, hit the city or a party and let your clothes do the talking! If you want your own designs on a t-shirt, no sweat, Teezaar can get you that as well. Just ask. Nicely.

If this was not enough and you want to learn more about Teezaar, send us an email at info@teezaar.com